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Pet Friendly Holiday is the new portal for pet owners. What better than to take advantage of our new platform and put your holiday home on our website?

At Pet Friendly Holiday, we understand the challenges of getting noticed competing with other property owners to get bookings. That’s why we have developed our platform, to not only get you noticed, but direct people to your listings on AirBNB or etc.

It’s so simple. You don’t have to join, signup or anything. We simply create you an amazing listing, and then link it directly to your preferred online booking platform. Cut out Google ranking issues and get people directly to your property page – and all with a full follow link to help improve your own search ranking.

An incredible £10 for the first year, then £30 annually.

Dining with Furry Companions: Navigating Pet Friendly Restaurants

The love for pets has become an integral part of…

Pet Friendly Holiday Homes

Static Caravan – Southerness

Parkdean Resorts Southerness Holiday Park, Dumfries, Southerness Holiday Village, Southerness, Dumfries, UK
6 2 2 45m2
5 / 5 Excellent (3 Reviews)
From £855 / 1 night(s)
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So How Does It Work?

1) Simply subscribe with Paypal using the button below.

2) Fill out this form to send us all of your details.

Tell us about your holiday home, where it is, photo’s etc and we will create the page for you. It’s that simple. No logins, nothing to manage, just set and go.

Within 24 hours your new property page will be visible to everyone who visits us.

Where Does My Listing Appear?

It Get’s It’s Own Page: It’s really detailed, has your photo’s, and provides both a direct link to your choice of booking platform, and we display your direct contact details. It’ll get picked up by the search engines too, as it is a ‘follow’ link.

It’ll look just like this holiday home.

Around The Website: It will appear in a property bar, in rotation just like the property above. This will be on several pages around the website.

In The Maps: The maps are Google powered, and are fully scalable. Your property will appear in our maps, with all location data encoded.

Take a look at our Holiday Rental Search page to see how it works. It’s easy for people to find you, and helps Google show your property in their search results.

Directly From The Search Bar: At the top of this page is our own holiday rental search bar. If someone types in your area, your property will appear.

The search bar is shown above, and on the main Holiday Home Search page.

As more and more properties get listed, we will also put this directly on the home page, replacing the hotel finder that is currently there.

Walking The Dogs On The Beach
Showcase your property to pet owners throughout the UK.
A Dog In A Car
Sit back as your property page is created for you. No need to create an account or login.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are pet lovers who love caravans. Your hosts are Simon and Amanda, with Frank & Bruno tagging along too (our Dachshunds). We offer advice for pet friendly holidays, and rent out our premium caravan in Southerness. Watch out for more of our own caravans being added soon.

That's either our own caravans, or people that have listed them on this website directly. Currently, we have one on the Parkdean resort in Southerness ourselves. We do all bookings via AirBNB and for both your and our convenience and protection.

Not directly no. Book via AirBNB or It gives you all the securities and protection you need.

Yes we do. It as as per either the AirBNB or cancellation policy as all bookings are made through them.

We have partnered with Trip Advisor (Viator) to provide you with the widest range of activities throughout the UK. These require you to book directly with Viator.